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Cambridge Building Energy & Environment Portal
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Alessandra Luna-Navarro(

CUED, gFT research group

Research interest: His PhD project is about the sustainability and comfort performance of dynamic (smart) facades.


Michael Michalis (

CUED, gFT research group


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Dr Mauro Overend (

CUED Division D, gFT research group

Research interest: Dr Overend's current research interests in the structural and environmental performance of building envelopes are currently channelled through the Glass & Façade Technology Research group that he leads.

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Dr Ruchi Choudhary (

CUED Division D

Research interest: Dr Ruchi Choudhary specializes in building simulation with a particular interest in multicriteria modelling of energy demand and environmental characteristics of the built environment.

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Dr Yeonsook Heo (

Architecture Department

Research interest: Dr. Yeonsook Heo specializes in building performance modelling and simulation, with expertise in uncertainty quantification and risk assessment.


Mr Allan McRobie (

CUED Division D

Research interest: Mr McRobie is interested in sustainability of buildings and cities.

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Prof Koen Steemers (

Architecture Department

Research interest: Koen's research activities are focused on the environmental performance of buildings and cities - with a particular interest in human perception and behaviour.