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heat flux meter


HFP01 serves to measure the heat that flows through the object in which it is incorporated or on which it is mounted. The actual sensor in HFP01 is a thermopile. This thermopile measures the differential temperature across the ceramics-plastic composite body of HFP01. Working completely passive, HFP01 generates a small output voltage proportional to the local heat flux.

Using HFP01 is easy. For readout one only needs an accurate voltmeter that works in the millivolt range. To calculate the heat flux, the voltage must be divided by the sensitivity; a constant that is supplied with each individual instrument.

A typical measurement location is equipped with 2 sensors for good spatial averaging. If necessary two sensors can be put in series, creating a single output signal.


  • No:2
  • Measurement: heat flux
  • Sensitivity: 50μV/Wm2
  • Temperature range: -30 to +70 °C
  • Range: -2000 to +2000 W/m2


Manual: HFP01 heat flux sensor manual; certificate of calibration of 10208; certificate of calibration of 10209